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  • Search engine optimization is a fundamental part of getting traffic to your website.  When potential customers begin their search for information about a given product or business, they usually begin their search on Google.  Getting ranked highly on the Google search engine is an excellent way to bring in free traffic to your site on a daily basis.  

  • Creating a successful SEO plan for your website relies on you putting yourself in the mind of your customer.  You must think about the keywords that they will use in their Google searches, and how they will go about clicking on links and other pieces of content provided by Google. 

  • Keyword research is imperative to being ranked highly on search engines.  Choosing the right keywords is a fine balance of choosing search terms that get enough volume, yet do not have an overwhelming amount of competition.  You must also know how often to include these terms in your website.  Overuse of keywords, otherwise known as "keyword stuffing" can hurt your Google rankings. DigiGrow focuses solely on legitimate, white hat SEO strategies.

  • Creating an SEO plan that performs well can be a difficult task for those who are new to it, let DigiGrow Marketing help improve your website's ranking on search engines.


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